ARMA Parameter Editor

This editor is displayed by clicking located to the right of the Parameters field in the ARMA properties sheet. It is used to specify the number of parameters to be included in the ARMA calculation as well as the coefficient assigned to each parameter.

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ARMA Parameter Editor

The Autoregressive (AR) parameters to be used in the ARMA calculation are specified in the left column while the Moving average (MA) parameters are specified in the right column.

The number of MA and RA parameters to be included in the calculation can be either typed in the Number fields or you can use the adjacent arrow buttons to set this. When specified, the number of rows in corresponding table is automatically adjusted, with the automatically generated names displayed in the Name column. The coefficient for each parameter can be specified in the adjacent Value column.

Clicking OK saves any changes made to the parameters and closes the window, while clicking Cancel discards any changes and closes the window.