Custom Reports

A Custom Report is a customised Microsoft Excel report template which can be used to generate reports on the data in the InfoWorks ICM database.

Simulation results can also be exported to Excel via the Custom Report.

The Custom Report is based on a Microsoft Excel file. When the report is first created it must be associated with an existing template. There is a basic example included in the Template directory (below the InfoWorks ICM install directory) for this purpose. Files of type .xls, .xlsx or .xlsm may be used as a template. When using versions of Excel 2007 and later: .xls and .xlsx report templates will generate .xlsx reports and .xlsm templates will generate .xlsm reports.

Once the Excel file is associated with a Custom Report, a copy is saved in the Master Database and this copy can be worked on from then on. This makes the reports fully portable.

New reports can be created by:

When a report is created, the InfoWorks ICM data is exported to Excel in a standard format. The best way to see this is to create a simple report and view the results. You can set up the template to carry out whatever analysis is required on this data.

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