Find in Database Dialog

This dialog is used when searching for Database Items in the tree view of the Explorer Window.

  1. Select the property of the database item that is to be found. The property options are:
  2. The properties can be displayed in the Explorer Window when you click on the Explorer Window toolbar, or right-click in the white space in the tree view section of the Explorer Window and select Show Details from the context menu.

  3. Either type-in the text to be searched for, or if the property to be found is Type, then you can select the type of item from the dropdown list.
  4. Check Match whole field if you want to limit the search to the fields that contain an exact match to the search. For example, searching for the database type 'manifest' without checking the box may result in all 'manifest' and 'manifest deployment' items being found. Checking the box ensures that only 'manifest' items are searched for.
  5. The Match whole field box is disabled when searching for IDs.

  6. Click Find to carry out the search. Results will be displayed in a Find Window at the bottom of the Explorer Window.

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