Prune Dialog

This dialog is used to set up the options used when pruning a section of the network.

It is displayed when you click Define in the Prune box on the Network Simplification page of the Simplification Options dialog.

See Pruning for more details on using the dialog.

The dialog consists of three pages:

Include Page

The storage in a pruned section of the network is potentially lost from the model during the process.

The Include Page on the Prune dialog is used to define what forms of potentially lost storage are applied to nearby nodes as storage compensation.

One of the options - Manhole Additional Areas - allows you to transfer additional storage compensation already applied to the pruned or merged manholes so that this is not lost to the system.

Selection Refinement Page

This page is used to set up rules for adjusting the selection of nodes and links prior to pruning.

There are three check boxes, which can be selected independently of each other:

By default, all three options are selected.

Distribution Page

This page is used to adjust the allocation of additional storage volume generated from pruning.

Additional storage can be allocated to the nearest upstream or downstream manhole, or split between the two in any proportion. Additional storage can be split between the manhole chamber and shaft in any proportion.

For more details on how to use these options, see Choosing Where to Apply Additional Storage.


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