The GeoExplorer provides a geographic view of the models within the master database.

Zone objects in the GeoExplorer can be used to represent model areas. Zones can be created in the GeoExplorer by digitising in the GeoExplorer Window or creating from a network. Zones can also be imported from an external data source.

Model Groups, Networks and Workspaces can be associated with GeoExplorer Zone objects. The associated items can subsequently be opened via the GeoExplorer.

GeoExplorers are version controlled items. See the Managing Version Controlled Items section for more detailed information on using version control.

Creating a New GeoExplorer

To create a new GeoExplorer:

  1. In the Explorer Window, right-click on a model group.
  2. Select New InfoWorks | GeoExplorer or New SWMM | GeoExplorer from the popup menu.
  3. Type a name for the GeoExplorer in the dialog and click on OK.

The blank GeoExplorer can be displayed by right-clicking on the GeoExplorer in the database tree and selecting Open from the popup menu. Alternatively, drag the GeoExplorer icon onto the background area outside the explorer windowGeoExplorer Zones can then be added.

Opening Associated Items from the GeoExplorer

Model Groups, Networks and Workspaces can be associated with GeoExplorer Zones. Associated items can subsequently be opened via the GeoExplorer Window.

To open an associated item from the GeoExplorer:

  1. Select the Open associated item tool from the GeoExplorer Toolbar.
  2. Click on a GeoExplorer Zone
  3. If multiple zones are found, a Multiple Selection Dialog will be displayed listing the zones found. Select the zone required and click OK.
  4. The item associated with the zone will be opened. The GeoExplorer will remain open.

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GeoExplorer Zones

GeoExplorer Window