Manage Scenarios Dialog

This dialog is used to manage scenarios.

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It is displayed when you click Manage Scenarios in the Scenarios toolbar or select the Network | Scenarios | Manage scenarios menu option.

Information about the network scenarios, including the name of the scenario and the number of objects included in it, are displayed in the grid window. It is possible to copy the information from the grid to the Windows clipboard using Ctrl+C to copy selected rows of data. You can use the Crtl and Shift keys to select one or more rows and Ctrl+A if you want to select all the rows. The header row and each selected row will be displayed as a separate line when pasted, for example, into a document, spreadsheet or text file.

Dialog description




The grid contains the following information:

  • ID - The name of the scenario.
  • Object - Either the total number of objects in the Base scenario, or for all other scenarios, the total number of additional or "overridden" objects.
  • Excluded - Only applicable for scenarios. The total number of objects in the Base scenario that are not included in this scenario. Excluded objects and their properties can be viewed in the excluded objects grid.
  • Date - The date that the scenario was created on.
  • User - The user name of the user who created the scenario.
  • Note - The notes that have been added in the Edit Scenario Notes dialog about the scenario.


Display in the GeoPlan the scenario selected in the left pane of the dialog. This makes the selected scenario current.


Create a new scenario.


Delete the selected scenario.


Compare the base network with the selected scenario or compare two selected scenarios between themselves


Make the selected scenario the base. The selected scenario becomes the base network and the scenario is removed.


Make a copy of the selected scenario and make it a new base. The duplicate becomes a brand new network with the selected scenario as the base network whilst the selected scenario and the original base network it is derived from are still present in the database and have not been edited or overwritten.


The Duplicate option differs from the Reintegrate option in that reintegrating overwrites the existing base network whilst duplicating results in the new base network, the original base network and the selected scenario existing side by side.

Edit notes Display the Edit Scenario Notes dialog. Add or edit notes for the scenario.

Operations such as creating or deleting a scenario can also be performed from the Scenarios toolbar.


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