SQL Dialog

This dialog allows you to create an SQL query in order to select network objects.

The dialog has three tabs that let you:

You can also apply the query to the GeoPlan window. A query can be saved and re-run at any time.

Dialog description

The dialog has tabs for the following pages:

User Macros

Creates variables to represent specific values in the query. These are useful if you want to use the same variable in several places. You then only have to change the value of the variable once.


Builds the SQL query.


Selects fields for reporting and displays a grid of the query results.

The dialog has the following options:



Apply filter to current selection check box

If checked, the query is only applied to the currently selected network objects.

Open selection in Grid Window check box

If checked, the query results can be displayed in a grid. This is similar to the functionality in the Grid tab (see table above) except that all the fields related to the query result object type aredisplayed.


Calculates the number of items that would be selected if the query were applied.


Runs the query but keeps the SQL dialog open.


Runs the query and then closes the SQL dialog.

Save As / Save

Saves the current query in an SQL group in the database tree.


Closes the SQL dialog without running or saving the query.

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SQL Page

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SQL Query View

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