Welcome to the Tutorials for InfoWorks ICM

The following tutorials are currently available:

You do not need to have completed the tasks contained in the Basic Tutorial before starting any of the tasks in the Structure and 2D Tutorials, although if you are new to InfoWorks ICM, then it would be advisable to do so.

Screenshots may have been taken from development snapshot builds of the software (the application title bar may therefore slightly differ from the one of your released version).

Sample data is provided for each step. Please refer to the Installing the tutorial example data section (below) for further information.

Installing the tutorial example data

Important note

The example databases and associated files (import files, ground model) are NOT installed with the main application. To use the example data you must install it using the tutorial installer, which can be downloaded from Product Updates in the Support section of the Innovyze website. When you have selected the appropriate product, you will need to enter your details. A list of available downloads will then appear, including the Innovyze Workgroup Client Tutorial. Download this to use the example database and associated files for the selected product.

When installed, the tutorial files can be found in the following folders at the location they have been installed at:

If you accepted the default offered during installation, you will find these folders in the Example Data Directory.

The example database is different for each of the tutorials, and information about opening the Basic Tutorial database can be found in the Opening the Example Database topic while the information for opening the Structure / 2D Tutorials database is contained in the Opening the Example Transportable Database topic.

Extra details

Tutorials contain togglers and expanding text that are usually hidden when a page is loaded. To see these links:


More details on how to use the Help as a whole are provided here.


You can print the whole Tutorial or any part of it. Click an item in the Contents list on the left of the Tutorial window, then click the Print button on the toolbar. The Print dialog appears and you can choose to print either the selected topic or all of its sub-topics as well. For example, you can print an entire lesson by clicking the book for the lesson and choosing to print all sub-topics.

If you are printing a single topic only and want to include the pictures, make sure that they are displayed before you click the Print button.