Aquifer Data Fields (SWMM)

Aquifer data can be edited on either the Aquifer Grid Window of the Subcatchments Grid or the Aquifer Property Sheet.

This table describes all the data fields used to define an Aquifer.

Common Data Fields

Fields that are common to the majority of objects can be found in the Common Fields topic.

Aquifer Data

Database Table Name: sw_aquifer

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Soil porosity Volume of voids / total soil volume. soil_porosity Double     3 0.500 0 1    
Soil wilting point Soil moisture content at which plants cannot survive. This must be between 0 and 1. soil_wilting_point Double     3 0.150 0 1    
Soil field capacity Soil moisture content after all free water has drained off. soil_field_capacity Double     3 0.300 0 1    
Conductivity The soil's saturated hydraulic conductivity. conductivity Double   I 3 127 0      
Conductivity slope Average slope of log (conductivity) versus soil moisture deficit (porosity minus moisture content) curve. conductivity_slope Double   I 3 254        
Tension slope Average slope of soil tension versus soil moisture content curve. tension_slope Double   RD 3 381        
Evapotranspiration fraction Fraction of total evaporation available for evapotranspiration in the unsaturated part of the aquifer. evapotranspiration_fraction Double     3 0.350 0 1    
Evapotranspiration depth Maximum depth below the surface at which evapotranspiration from the saturated part of the aquifer can still occur. evapotranspiration_depth Double   Y 3 4.2672 0      
Seepage rate Rate of percolation to deep groundwater when the water table reaches the ground surface. seepage_rate Double   I 3 0.0508 0      
Elevation The elevation at the bottom of the aquifer. elevation Double   Z 3          
Initial groundwater The level of the groundwater at the start of the simulation. initial_groundwater Double   Z 3          
Initial moisture content The moisture content of the unsaturated part of the aquifer at the start of the simulation. initial_moisture_content Double     3 0.3000 0 1    
Time pattern ID The name or identifier of the monthly time pattern of adjustments applied to the Evapotranspiration fraction. time_pattern_id Text 254              

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