Network Object Grid Windows

InfoWorks ICM provides a number of spreadsheet style Grid Windows listing objects in the network. These views are divided into groups, each group containing grids for one class of object and related sub-objects.

Each column in the grid contains data for a particular field, with each row in the grid listing the values for a single object.

The Grid Windows do not always show all the data for an object. For example, tabular data about an object cannot be displayed. To view and edit all data for an object use the appropriate Property Sheets.

The grid windows in InfoWorks ICM are divided into the following sets:

Nodes Window   Polygons Window

Links Window  

Lines Window

Subcatchments Window  

Points Window

Results Analysis Window

(Not applicable for SWMM networks)



See Editing Data in Grid Windows for general information about working with grid windows and Editing Data in the Network Object Grid Window for additional information about editing network objects.

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