Lines Grid

The Lines Grid contains a different spreadsheet style grid for each type of network line object.

Each column in the grid contains data for a particular field, with each row in the grid listing the values for a single object.

Open the Lines Grid set using the button, or select Grid windows | New lines window from the Window menu.

Line Grid Windows

The Line Grids for each type of network are listed in the following tables. More information about the data in each column of the grids can be found in the corresponding data fields topic.

Results Replay

When viewing results of a simulation, the Line Results Grid Window can be used to display time varying data for 2D linear structure and network results line objects in the network. More information about the results data in each column of the grid can be found in the results data fields topics listed above.

See Viewing Replays of a Simulation and Results on Grid Windows for more about replaying results using Grid Windows. All the basic grid functions, like sorting or copy and paste can be used when viewing results.

Network Object Grid Windows

Linear Structure Results Data Fields

2D Line Source Results Data Fields