General Lines

General Line objects are used as part of the mesh generation process carried out when undertaking 2D Modelling for InfoWorks or SWMM networks.

General lines can be used to model features that act as break lines or walls in a 2D Zone:

General lines can also be used to show on the GeoPlan text annotations made by surveyors on AutoCAD files.

General lines can be imported via the Open Data Import Centre or from AutoCad DWG. Lines can also be digitised directly on the GeoPlan Window.

General line parameters are edited in the General Line Grid Window of the Lines Grid or the General Line Property Sheet. There are also a number of tools available for editing the geometry of lines. For information on editing tools specific to General Lines, see the Joining and Splitting Lines topic.

General Line Categories 

Categories can be used to identify which lines represent permeable features and which lines represent walls when creating a 2D mesh.

To assign a line to a category, type the name of the category into the Category field of the line on the grid window or Property Sheet.

General Line Data Fields (InfoWorks)

General Line Data Fields (SWMM)

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