Importing from AutoCAD DWG

Point and Line data can be imported from AutoCAD DWG files.

Supported versions of AutoCAD

Files can be read in the DWG file formats used by AutoCAD release R14 to AutoCAD 2019.

Files are written in the current format i.e. that used by AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD 2019.

To import network objects from AutoCAD DWG files:

  1. Open the network to be updated.
  2. Select Import | Update from Autocad DWG from the Network menu. This displays the Import from AutoCAD dialog.
  3. Use the Browse button to select a file from a Windows File Open dialog. The layers in the file will be displayed in the dialog grid.
  4. Select the network objects, that the Points and Lines in each layer are to be imported as, from the dropdown lists. If these mappings have previously been saved, use the Load Mappings button to load the mappings from the Autocad Import Configuration file.
  5. Select an option for Duplicate Items:
  6. If annotations from the AutoCAD DWG file are to be imported into InfoWorks ICM, select a field to import annotations to (optional).
  7. Select a user defined flag for imported data from the Import Flag: dropdown list.
  8. Click OK to import network objects.

Digitisation default values will be used to fill in fields of imported objects.

The DWG importer will name objects using Automatic Node Name Generation, if automatic naming is switched on.

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