River Lines

River lines can be used in the process of building a River Reach, Bridge or Inline Bank object.

River line data from an external data source such as GIS files can be imported into the network. River line profile data can be viewed and edited via the property sheet. Lines can also be digitised directly on the GeoPlan Window.

There are two types of line object available:

Sampling elevations from a ground model

Line section elevation data can be updated by sampling a Ground Model. See Updating Network Objects from the Ground Model for details.

Rotating cross section lines

Selected cross section lines can be rotated, either by a specified angle, or perpendicular to an intersecting river reach line or bridge link.

The rotation functionality is carried out on the current selection:

Rotate cross section line by angle

To rotate selected cross section lines by a specified angle:

  1. Enter an angle of rotation in the rotation dialog. Angles are in degrees, with positive angles representing clockwise rotation.
  2. Select the point about which selected lines are to be rotated:

Use the Rotate buttons to apply the rotation (this may be repeated multiple times). Click Close to dismiss the dialog after rotation has been carried out.

Rotate cross section line perpendicular to links

The rotate cross section lines Perpendicular to selected links option is enabled on the rotation dialog when the current selection includes at least one river reach link or bridge link.

Use the Rotate buttons to apply the rotation. Click Close to dismiss the dialog after rotation has been carried out.

Each selected cross section line that intersects a single selected river reach/bridge link is rotated about the intersection point until it is perpendicular to the link line.

Selected cross sections are rotated about the point of intersection with the river reach / bridge link.

Extending selected cross sections

Selected cross sections can be automatically extended by a specified distance or to intersections with one or more selected bank lines. See the Extending Selected Cross Sections topic for further information.

Bank Line Data Fields