A Bridge in InfoWorks ICM is modelled as a link. The link is digitised between two nodes to define the centre line of the bridge. Once the bridge centre line has been defined, bridge geometry can be built from section data.

Bridge section data can be entered manually in the section data editors accessed via the Bridge property sheet. Alternatively, bridge geometry can be built from cross section line data.

Once the sections of the bridge have been defined a bridge boundary is automatically generated using one of the bridge building tools. The boundary of the Bridge represents a void when generating a 2D mesh.

Openings are defined in the Bridge section properties and may be built from Bridge Opening objects.

The tools to build bridge sections from line data are found in the Bridge submenu of the Model menu:

Menu option Action
Build sections from lines

Creates bridge sections for a selected bridge link from cross section line data.

Build boundary from section ends Creates a bounding polygon for a selected bridge from upstream and downstream bridge sections.
Insert selected openings into sections Sets bridge section opening data for selected bridges and bridge opening objects.

The geometry of a Bridge object is defined using five cross sections: river reach sections upstream and downstream of the reach, upstream and downstream faces of the bridge and the bridge deck section.

The location of openings in the bridge section are specified via the Bridge property sheet. The geometry of an opening is defined as a Bridge Opening object. The geometry and location of piers within each opening can also be defined in the Bridge Opening object. Bridge openings can be associated with bridge sections manually by entering details in the Bridge property sheet, or by using the Build bridge openings tool.

Culvert inlet and outlet properties are defined as Bridge Inlet and Bridge Outlet objects respectively. The inlet and outlet objects are associated with a bridge opening via the Inlet ID and Outlet ID fields of the opening. Any blockages in the bridge opening can be defined using the Inlet blockage ID and Outlet blockage ID fields of the opening.


Bridge objects can be reversed in the same way as any other link. Associated Bridge Openings will also be reversed. For each Bridge Inlet or Bridge Outlet that is referenced by a reversed Bridge Opening the Bridge US node ID and Bridge link suffix values will be updated to the reversed bridge values, however the remaining inlet / outlet parameters may require manual update.

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