Viewing Replays of a Simulation

A replay of the results throughout a simulation can be viewed in the GeoPlan Window, the Long Section Window , and for InfoWorks networks only, the Cross Section Window, the Flooding Section Window, the 3D Manhole Window or on special results versions of the Grid Windows.

To load simulation results, click on the simulation in the Explorer Window and drag it into the InfoWorks ICM main window, or right click on the simulation and select Open from the popup menu.

The replay can be controlled by using the Replay Toolbar. The commands are also available on the Results replay submenu of the Network menu. The process of controlling a replay is the same whichever type of window is being used for viewing results.

The following methods can be used to highlight results parameters during replays of the simulation:

Summary results will also be displayed on the Property Sheet of an object. When comparing results of two simulations the results for both simulations will be displayed in the Property Sheet.

Replay options

Replay options are available to:

The options are set in the Replay Options Dialog.

Adjusting start and finish times

To adjust the start and finish times to display part of a simulation:

  1. Click on the button on the Replay Toolbar or select Results replay | Replay options from the Network menu. This displays the Replay Options dialog.
  2. Change the start and finish time for replays by setting the current simulation time (using the slider or arrow controls to adjust the time) and then clicking the Set Start Time or Set Finish Time button.
  3. Click the OK button. The simulation will be paused at the current simulation time shown in the Time display. All the views of the simulation are updated to show the current state of the network at the selected time.

On the slider control, the time limits of the current replay are shown in blue. Any parts of the simulation that fall outside the current replay are shown in white.

Adjusting replay speed

To adjust the delay between each timestep when viewing a simulation:

  1. Click on the button on the Replay Toolbar or choose Results replay | Replay Optionson the Network menu. This displays the Replay Options dialog.
  2. Choose a time delay in the Replay Delay between Jumps box

The delay can be set in small increments up to half a second, and then at half a second increments for longer delays. The default delay is 0.5 seconds.


Redrawing may take some time, especially if background layers or a ground model are displayed on the GeoPlan Window. Set a small delay in this case, or even no delay at all.

Replay clock

There are two places where the current simulation time may be displayed during a replay:

For simulations using real dates and times, the full date and time are displayed. For relative simulations, the time is displayed preceded by a number indicating the number of complete days.

When using TSDB data with a run origin specified, the full date and time are displayed followed by the time of the run origin relative to the currently displayed date-time. A vertical blue line is displayed at the run origin time.

Examples of Embedded Clock

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