Flooding Section Window

A view displaying ground level and water level can be generated by drawing a section through an InfoWorks network on the GeoPlan Window.


In order to use this functionality it is necessary to have Results and a Ground Model loaded in the GeoPlan window.

The section can be drawn anywhere and in any direction; it does not have to follow features of the hydraulic model. InfoWorks ICM interpolates the ground level from the ground model. The water level displayed in the section is calculated from the water surface generated in River Reach, Storage Area and 2D Meshes.

Note that if the drawn section crosses directly on top of a network object, such as a node, InfoWorks ICM will not interrogate the node about water levels. There may therefore be slight differences between water level displayed in the section view and water level calculated at the node itself.

Once a flooding section has been generated it can be used to view time varying results during a simulation replay.

To generate a flooding section:

  1. Open a completed simulation for result viewing in the GeoPlan Window
  2. Load a Ground Model into the GeoPlan
  3. Choose the New Flood Section button () from the Results Toolbar to turn on Flooding Section Mode.
  4. Draw the section on the GeoPlan:
    • Click on the start point of the section
    • Click to add additional points
    • Click to add the end point of the section
    • Finally, double click to complete the section. (The point where you double click is not included in the section.)

    A dashed blue line is displayed on the GeoPlan as the section is drawn. Points are drawn as blue squares. The points are drawn in a lighter shade of blue at the first point to a darker shade of blue at the last point to indicate the direction of the section.

  5. InfoWorks ICM displays the section ground level and water level in a Flooding Section Window. A strip plan of the drawn section, identifying the position of points along the section, is displayed at the top of the window.

The Section Properties Dialog allows you to decide how network parameters are represented in the view.

Exporting Views 

Section Properties Dialog

Export Section Data to Autocad DWG dialog