Exporting Windows

Several types of window can be exported from InfoWorks ICM for use in other packages. The views that can be exported are:

Exporting Windows to Image Files

Windows can be exported to the clipboard or to a file in Windows MetaFile (WMF) format. The GeoPlan Window can also be exported as a bitmap (BMP).

To export a view, choose Copy/save view from the Edit menu and then select one of the sub-menu options.

Exporting Views to AutoCAD DWG

GeoPlan, GeoExplorer, Flooding Section, Cross Section and Long Section Windows for InfoWorks networks can be exported to AutoCAD DWG format.

See Exporting a GeoPlan to AutoCad DWG and Exporting a Section to Autocad DWG for details.

GeoPlan Window

GeoExplorer View

Long Section Window

Cross Section Window

Flooding Section Window

Graph view