This topic describes simulation results fields and the various methods of viewing simulation results in InfoWorks ICM, and of comparing results with observed data.

Results management

The Results Management View displays a Grid Window of simulations in the Master Database or in a particular Master Group or Model Group. The grid describes the simulations, and what results are currently stored. The grid can be used to re-run selected simulations, remove unwanted results or view further information.

See Results Management for further details.

Results data fields

See the Results Data Fields section for details of simulation results generated for each network object type.

Viewing replays of a simulation

A replay of the results throughout a simulation can be viewed in the GeoPlan Window, the Long Section Window, the 3D Manhole Window or on special results versions of the Grid Windows. The GeoPlan provides powerful tools for graphically displaying the changing state of the network over the period of the simulation.

See Viewing Replays of a Simulation for further information.

Grid results

A replay of results throughout a simulation can be viewed on special results versions of the network object Grid Windows. A grid of time varying data can also be displayed for a single network object, or for a selection of network objects. See Results on Grid Windows for details.

Several types of grid report can also be generated - Worst Case Report, and for InfoWorks network simulations only, Flood Volume Report, Return Period Analysis Report and Velocity Profile Report. See the Grid Reports topic for further information.

Graph results

Results can be graphed for a selection of network objects allowing results from selected objects to be compared. See Results on Graph Views and Graph Reports for details.

Customisable graphs can also be generated, which provide greater flexibility than the graph reports and are a powerful way of saving and reusing graphs. They can also be used as templates for creating similar sets of graphs on different data. See Custom Graphs for further information.

Exporting results

Results for an InfoWorks simulation can be exported in a number of file formats including HYD, PRN or CSV. 2D results can be exported to CSV file. See Exporting Results to Files for details.

Results can also be exported to GIS file formats as maximum results or time varying results at a specified timestep. See Exporting Results to GIS for details.

Drag a Custom Report into a network with simulation results to export results to an Excel spreadsheet. A worksheet containing simulation results will be included in the Excel spreadsheet for each type of object.

It is also possible to export a Flood Contours theme for an InfoWorks network to either MapInfo (.MIF or .TAB) or ESRI (.SHP or ASC) files. See Exporting Flood Contours for more information.

In addition, maximum flood contours for an InfoWorks network can also be exported to either MapInfo (.MIF or .TAB) or ESRI (.SHP or ASC) files.

Text reports

InfoWorks ICM produces a log report and a standard-format PRN results report when a simulation is carried out.

If the InfoWorks network includes SUDS control objects in a subcatchment, then control and performance summaries of their associated SUDS/LID structures during a simulation can be viewed in a SWMM SUDS/LID report. Any errors related to SWMM5 will also be included in the report.

See Text Reports for details.

Statistical reports

Statistical Reports provide a way of reporting on selected parameters for selected objects in a network. The reports are formatted to make them suitable for printing and distribution.

Risk reports

Risk Reports can be generated from the results of one or more Risk Analysis Runs in an InfoWorks network. Reports are generated for a selection of Risk Impact Zones.