GeoPlan Themes

Themes allow you to display a particular parameter graphically on the GeoPlan Window.

GeoPlan themes are accessed by right-clicking on the GeoPlan and selecting Properties & Themes. This displays the GeoPlan Properties dialog, opened on the Layers and Themes page.

Themes and contour plots of many different types of data can be displayed on the GeoPlan Window. The chosen parameters can be a static network parameter with a fixed display or a results parameter during a replay of a simulation. For time varying results parameters, the display will be continually updated during the course of the replay.

It is also possible to display SQL expressions by themes, which can be used for viewing differences in results between two simulations.

You can set up themes for any node, link, subcatchment or polygon parameter. Contour plots of mapping data from a ground model can also be displayed.

See the Managing Themes and GeoPlan Properties - Layers and Themes page topics for details on how to create, edit, delete or save themes.

The Thematic Key Window displays details about the current theme and contour settings, as well as other network display settings. This window can be docked at the side of the InfoWorks ICM Main Window, in the same way as the Explorer Window. Therefore it can remain visible at all times while you are working in InfoWorks ICM.

The display of theme keys in the Thematic Key Window is controlled by settings in:

For more details, see Thematic Key Window.

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