GeoPlan Properties Dialog

This dialog lets you to change many of the display options for the GeoPlan Window, and consists of the following pages:

To display the GeoPlan Properties dialog, right-click on the GeoPlan view and select Properties & Themes from the popup menu. The GeoPlan Properties dialog is displayed with the Layers and Themes Page open.

The following buttons are available on every page of the dialog:




Saves the current Theme settings. Clicking on this button opens the Network Editing Properties - Save Options dialog where you can specify where and how the theme is to be saved.


Launches the Load Network Editor Properties dialog where the GeoPlan properties and themes to load can be selected.


Closes the dialog and applies changes.


Closes the dialog and does not apply any changes.


Applies changes to the GeoPlan Window without closing the dialog.


Opens the related Help topic.

See the individual topic of every page of the GeoPlan Properties dialog for more details on operations that can be carried out on each of the pages.

GeoPlan Window

GeoPlan Properties - Layers and Themes Page

GeoPlan Properties - Auto Labels and Tooltips Page

GeoPlan Properties - Visual Page

GeoPlan Properties - Elements Page

GeoPlan Properties - General Page

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