Layer Theme Editor

The Layer Theme Editor is displayed when the Edit button of the Theme column is clicked for a network object type on the GeoPlan Properties - Layers and Themes Page.

This topic describes the Layer Theme Editor, which is the dialog used to set up themes. Refer to the Managing Themes topic for more information on how to create, edit or delete GeoPlan themes.

The Layer Theme Editor allows you to change the display options for themes and contour plots for every network object and ground model on the GeoPlan Window. It consists of:

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Layer Theme Editor

Every layer (object type or ground model) can have an ordered set of themes and a default theme.

A default theme, or Base Theme, is provided for each network object or ground model. It is always the last theme in the list box in the event of there being several themes for the same layer. Some additional themes may be provided for some specific layers.


The Base Theme may be edited (amendments are limited) but may not be moved, disabled or deleted.

Users can create other themes, also known as Sub Themes, by using the Sub Theme Editor Pane toolbar.

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