Displaying a Ground Model on the GeoPlan

Ground models can be viewed on the GeoPlan Window using a contour plot. Contour lines join points with the same elevation. There is no interpolation between the contour lines, but if the elevation range is split into enough individual ranges, a fairly good grading effect can be achieved.

You can save the current themes and view the properties of current themes on the Layer Theme Editor or the Thematic Key Window.

To display the ground model:

  1. Load the Ground Model onto the GeoPlan Window.
  2. Right-click on the GeoPlan Window and choose Properties & Themes from the popup menu. This displays the Layers and Themes page of the GeoPlan Properties dialog.
  3. Click the Edit button of the Theme column for the Ground Model object layer. The Layer Theme Editor is displayed:
  4. The default ground model theme is colour and is based on ground levels (z). The default Map Type is Filled but other types are also available (see table below). Fill contours of ground level values have been auto-themed so the Draw Style Preview shows a graduated set of colours going from dark brown for low ground levels to light brown for high ground levels.
  5. Note

    You cannot create additional Ground Model and Flood sub themes as there is only one parameter to theme (z and flood depth, respectively). However, you can choose between different map types (Filled, Line, Show Layers and Transparent).

  6. Change the name of the Colour theme in the Name box if required and select a different map type in the Map Type dropdown.
  7. Tip

    The provided Ground Model theme will only be editable if a ground model has been loaded onto the GeoPlan.

  8. Set up your contour parameters as required and click OK to commit your changes. See the Ground model theme data fields table below.

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