Displaying Labels on the GeoPlan

There are two types of label available for use on the GeoPlan:


Editing or setting up custom labels may have an impact on tooltips.

Auto labels

To display auto labels:

  1. Right-click in the GeoPlan Window and select Properties & Themes from the popup menu. This displays the GeoPlan Properties dialog.
  2. On the Layers and Themes page, check the AutoLabel box for each object type to be labelled. Labels will be displayed for all objects of that type.
  3. Check the Label Theme box if you want the label text to be displayed using the same colour as the current theme for the object type. You must also check the Colour As Thematic box on the Auto Labels and Tooltips page for this option to take effect. Note that theme coloured labels will not be drawn for objects displayed at very low visibility.
  4. On the Auto Labels and Tooltips page, choose any additional label display options.

Custom labels

Most operations with custom labels are controlled with the label tool. Click the button on the GeoPlan Tools toolbar. The cursor changes to a cursor. The label tool toggles labels on and off.

Displaying custom labels for a selection of objects

It is possible to custom label several network objects simultaneously.

Replays of the simulation

Summary results can be displayed for one or more network objects using labels on either the GeoPlan Window or the Long Section Window. These labels display constantly changing results as the simulation is replayed. You can also freeze the simulation at a timestep to view snapshot results.

Use the tools on the Replay Toolbar to move to a specific timestep for closer inspection of results values.

See Graphical Feedback on Custom Labels for further information.


It is also possible to configure tooltips on the Geoplan. See Customising Tooltips for further information.

Auto Labels

Custom Labels

GeoPlan Window

Long Section View

Section Properties Dialog

GeoPlan Properties Dialog

GeoPlan Properties - Auto Labels and Tooltips tab

Customising Tool Tips

GeoPlan Properties - Layers and Themes Page

Network Label Field Settings Dialog

Custom Label Settings Dialog

Graphical Feedback on Custom Labels