Risk Analysis Runs

Risk analysis runs can only be carried out if the Risk option is enabled on your licence.

Risk Analysis runs can be used as a tool to assess the consequence of flooding events at locations in the network, as a monetary value. The locations in the network to be assessed are defined by Damage Receptors in the network. Flood duration and depth results at the receptors are used to calculate a corresponding damage value for each receptor using damage curves referenced by the receptor. Results from individual Damage Receptors can be aggregated into geographical groupings in order to analyse risk results by area by the use of Risk Impact Zones. The damage calculation results are stored in the Risk Analysis Simulation objects.

The run carries out an analysis on results for multiple events and takes into account the probability of occurrence of the event to calculate an expected annual damage value at each location (using the worst case event). A depth/exceedance curve for each location is also generated. The risk calculation results are stored in the Risk Analysis Results object.

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