Exporting Flood Contours

Currently displayed flood contour information can be exported to either MapInfo (.MIF or .TAB) or ESRI (.SHP or ASCII grid .ASC) files.

To export flood contours:

  1. Open a simulation for replay.
  2. Load a Ground Model onto the GeoPlan window.
  3. Turn on the flood theme.
  4. Choose an option from the Export flood contours submenu of the Results menu.
  5. Choose where to save the exported file. (By default the files are called FloodContours.*)

The flood contour information currently displayed in the GeoPlan window will be exported.

The data can then be imported into the appropriate GIS system.


The option to export flood contours to .ASC format will only be available when using a Gridded Ground Model.



Viewing Replays of a Simulation