Time Series Database


A Time Series database TSDB object (Time Series Database icon) is database item that is used for storing scalar time varying data (TVD) that comes from external data sources. It can be used in simulations for InfoWorks and SWMM networks.


Time Series Database objects cannot be used in simulations in conjunction with Events. However events can be imported into scalar time series databases.


It is not possible to use "access" as an external data source when carrying out automatic simulations using the Innovyze Live Server due to incompatibility of JET databases with x64 applications.

A TSDB consists of a number of streams and related external data sources. A stream defines a single series of time varying data and its properties.

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Scalar TSDB

An example of a configured scalar TSDB

The Observed and Forecast pages contain information about observed and forecast streams respectively. The Data Sources page contains details of the corresponding external sources while the Lookups page is used to map alphanumeric text, in the imported time varying data, to numerical values which are recognised by InfoWorks ICM.

Working with TSDBs, opening or deleting historical versions of TSDBs

See the Time Series Database Objects topic for further details.

Importing events into a scalar TSDB

See the Importing Event Data into Time Series Databases topic for more information.

Initial conditions of events imported into TSDBs can be found in Catchment Initial Conditions objects.

Viewing and editing time series data points

See the Time Series Database Objects topic for further details.

Updating scalar time series data from data source

Scalar time series data may be manually (on demand update) updated from external data sources. Please refer to the Updating Time Series Data topic for further details.

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