The following types of conduits are available in InfoWorks ICM, all of which join two nodes:

The properties which define these types of conduit are described in the Conduit Data Field (InfoWorks) or Conduit Data Fields (SWMM) topic.

The cross section of a conduit is defined as a Shape object. You can create new conduit shapes or re-use an existing shape by selecting it from the Shape ID field for an InfoWorks conduit or the Shape field for a SWMM conduit.

Hydraulic model characteristics

The following characteristics apply to InfoWorks conduits:

For information about the characteristics for SWMM conduits, see the latest version of the SWMM Reference Manual (Hydraulics), which can be downloaded from the EPA website.


2D Conduits

Conduit Data Fields (InfoWorks)

Conduit Data Fields (SWMM)

Headloss Curves


User-defined Shape

Transects (SWMM)

Conduit Shapes (SWMM)

Curves (SWMM)