Conveyance Graph Window

The Conveyance Graph Window displays a graph of either a selected river reach or a bridge section, where conveyance is plotted against elevation. Using this window you can:

The Conveyance Graph Window is displayed when the Conveyance graph pick Conveyance Graph button on the More GeoPlan Tools Toolbar is clicked and a river reach or bridge section is subsequently selected on the GeoPlan.

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The window initially displays the conveyance curve for the selected section, and you can use the window options to display additional curves. Conveyance Graph Window options.

For river reach sections, up to 9 additional conveyance curves can be displayed for neighbouring sections, located up or downstream of the selected section.

For bridge sections, the conveyance curves can be displayed for the upstream link, upstream bridge, bridge deck (contraction), bridge deck (expansion), downstream bridge and downstream link sections. Note that the sections for the Bridge deck (contraction) and Bridge deck (expansion) sections are obtained by combining the bridge deck section with the upstream and downstream bridge sections respectively.

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