Importing SWMM5 Network Data to InfoWorks Networks

To import network data from SWMM5 text files to an InfoWorks network:

  1. Open the InfoWorks network to be updated.
  2. Select Import | Model | from SWMM5 text file from the Network menu. This displays the SWMM5 Import Dialog.
  3. Enter the path to the text file to be imported in the Network (INP) box, or use the browse button to select a file from a Windows File Open dialog.
  4. Optionally select a .INI file to be imported.
  5. SWMM5 uses the Manning equation to represent roughness. In InfoWorks ICM, Manning values can be represented as either M = 1 / n or n. Use the Select Network Roughness Type radio buttons to select your preference.
  6. Set the network system type to an appropriate value using the System Type combo box.
  7. Click OK to continue the import.

    If the INP file does not contain any pollutants, then an import log will be displayed with any conversion errors or warnings.

    However, if the [POLLUTANTS] section of the INP file contains any pollutants, then the SWMM5 Pollutant Mapping dialog is displayed:

    In this dialog:

    1. Ensure that each SWMM5 pollutant is assigned to an ICM determinant.
    2. Click OK.

      InfoWorks ICM checks that each of the SWMM5 pollutants has been assigned to an ICM determinant, and for each unassigned pollutants it finds, a message, which contains the name of the unassigned pollutant, will be displayed. If such a message is displayed, click on OK and then assign an ICM determinate to the appropriate SWMM5 pollutant.

      If all SWMM5 pollutants are assigned to ICM determinants, then the import process is complete and a log file, which contains any conversion errors or warnings, is displayed.


The importer supports SWMM5 EPA release v5.1.014

For details of the SWMM5 data sections imported and conversions made by the importer, see the SWMM5 Conversion Notes section.

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