Modelling Breaches in Banks and Linear Structures

A manual breach can be defined for the following objects:

A breach is modelled by using Real Time Control (RTC) definitions to specify vertical movement of bank/linear structure points (vertices) with respect to time.

The RTC definitions to be used at section points are specified in the Sections Editor of the bank or linear structure.

RTC definitions for modelling breaches

RTC definitions to be used to control movement of a section point must be defined as global definitions (and therefore not associated with any particular regulator).

The same RTC definition may be used to set the value of one or more points on one or more banks/linear structures. Several different RTC definitions may be used to control points on the same bank/linear structure.

The RTC definition of a section point may be set to an RTC definition that does not exist; in this case the point will not be moved.

The only definition types that can be used to control points are:

The measurement for a variable, or output measurement for a table must be one of the following:

At each run timestep, InfoWorks ICM evaluates RTC definitions and uses them to set the current elevation of any points with an RTC definition specified.


Viewing varying levels at a point

A graph of varying bank/crest level can be displayed, when simulation results are loaded on the GeoPlan Window, by clicking on a bank or crest level vertex that has an RTC definition applied using the graph pick tool on the Results Toolbar.

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