Network Validation Dialog

This dialog is displayed when Validate network is selected from the Network menu or when the Validate button is clicked on the Validation Toolbar. This option allows network data to be checked for missing values, errors and inconsistencies. The settings on the dialog determine which Scenarios will be checked, and whether or not engineering validation will be performed.

Network Validation Dialog

Engineering Validation

Optionally select an Engineering Validation object to be applied to the network in addition to standard validation.

Leave this box blank to apply standard validation only.


If there are Scenarios present for the current network, the scenarios will be listed in the Scenarios box along with the Base network.

Check the scenarios to be validated. Unchecked scenarios will be ignored.

To select multiple scenarios, use the CTRL or SHIFT keys. Click on the check box of one of the selected scenarios to set the status of the check boxes of all selected scenarios.

Click on OK to start the validation process. The validation results are displayed in the Output window.

For more information, see Validating Networks.

Validating Networks

Engineering Validation

Output Window