Validating Networks

The InfoWorks ICM validation options can be used to examine a network for missing values, errors and inconsistencies.

A network must be validated before it can be used in a simulation. During validation, the network is checked for missing values, errors and inconsistencies that may affect simulation results.

To validate a network, the current window must be either the GeoPlan Window or a Grid Window.

  1. Select Validate network from the Network menu or click the Validate button on the Validation Toolbar.
  2. On the Network Validation dialog, select the Scenarios (if present) to be validated and click on OK.
  3. InfoWorks ICM displays the Output window, in which it will list any error, warning or information messages. Use the window options to investigate the corresponding fields and make corrections, where required.
  4. Close the Output window.

Engineering Validation

For InfoWorks networks, InfoWorks ICM offers an additional level of engineering validation, which checks for data that is not consistent with expected engineering values: for example, nodes with more than one outgoing conduit. You can apply either a set of default validation rules or your own modifications to these rules.

Engineering validation is applied when an Engineering Validation object is selected in the Network Validation dialog.

Output Window

Validation Messages

GeoPlan Window

Engineering Validation