Output Window

This window is displayed whenever you validate a network. Validation is performed:

The window lists any errors or warnings. These are identified by the following symbols:

Error message

Warning message

Information message

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Example of Output Window in InfoWorks ICM

For each error or warning, the Output window displays the following information:


The error, warning or information message number


A priority level of 1 is set for an error. Priority level 2 is set for a warning.

When carrying out Engineering Validation you can set priority levels of 3 or higher for each validity check.

Object Type

The type of the Network Object


The unique name of the object causing the problem.


The field where the value is invalid, missing or outside recommended ranges.

Scenario The name of the Scenario to which the validation message applies.


A description of the problem.

Any nodes containing errors are highlighted in the GeoPlan Window.

For more information about individual errors, see the Validation Messages and Engineering Validation topics.

Validating Networks

Validation Messages

Engineering Validation

Using Dockable Windows