Object Properties Window

This topic describes the different parts composing the object properties window. See Using the Object Properties Window for details on how to use this window, for example, how to customise the look and feel of the window or how to edit property values for a given object.

This window displays a network object Property Sheet when this particular network object is selected with the Properties tool () on the GeoPlan window or when the button is selected on the Docking Windows toolbar.


In InfoWorks ICM, for asset network objects, it is possible to switch between tabbed property sheets and property sheets in the Object Properties window. See Options - General Page for more information.

The Object Properties window is a modeless window providing a way of looking at all the data for a single network object in a structured way. It encompasses all the properties of the object, presented in a tree view. Properties are grouped in Property Groups that are entirely customisable.

The Object Properties window behaves like all the other windows in InfoWorks ICM. Please refer to Windows and Using Dockable Windows for more information. In the following screenshot, the window components have been highlighted in different colours for a better visual effect. These components are described in detail in the sections below.

ClosedShow me

Green - DropTree

Red - Toolbar

Blue - Caption Bar + Properties

Yellow - Context Menu

The Object Properties window is composed of the following parts:

Using the Object Properties Window

Property Sheets

Object Properties Window Toolbar

Navigating Round Associated Objects

Object Properties Window Settings dialog

Open Layout Table dialog

Network Objects