Using Dockable Windows

InfoWorks ICM has several windows containing important or additional information that can be docked to any side of the InfoWorks ICM Main Window that does not already contain a toolbar or menu bar, so the information is always visible. The windows can also be undocked so that they float within or outside the application window (which can be very useful for those working on multiple screens). Because of their special properties, you can float these windows outside the bounds of the InfoWorks ICM Main Window.

Dockable windows are modeless (you can work in any other part of the InfoWorks ICM interface when you open a dockable window).

The dockable windows in InfoWorks ICM are:

InfoWorks ICM Main Window

Explorer Window

Thematic Key Window

Flag Window

Spatial Bookmarks Window

Object Properties Window

Object Browser Window

Output Window

Message Log Window

Job Control Window

Job Progress Window