Snow Packs

Snow Pack objects can be specified as part of the InfoWorks and SWMM Subcatchment data and are used to define the parameters governing buildup, removal and melting of snow in a subcatchment.

Snow Pack objects are created in the Snow Pack tab of the Subcatchments Grid, and can be edited in the grid or the Snow Pack Property Sheet.

Parameters are defined for each of the three snowmelt surfaces:

The Snow Pack is associated with a subcatchment by selecting the Snow Pack from the Snow pack ID field in the Subcatchment Grid Window of the Subcatchments Grid or the Subcatchment property sheet. A single Snow Pack object can be associated with zero or more subcatchments.

For information on the use of Snow Pack parameters when simulating snow melt, see the Snow Melt Model topic.

Snow Pack Data Fields (InfoWorks)

Snow Pack Data Fields (SWMM)

Snow Melt Model