3D Network Window

The 3D Network Window lets you to view the ground surface of a network that has a Ground Model loaded on its GeoPlan Window. Each window is centred on a particular point. You can move your viewpoint around this centre point by:

The view displays what would be seen by a person at the viewpoint, looking towards the centre point.

The property sheet for an object can be opened by using the Properties tool or by double clicking on the object using the Select tool .

Each 3D Network Window is based on the current state of the GeoPlan Window. When you create a 3D Network Window, it is centred on the centre point of the GeoPlan, and its extents are the same as the extents of the GeoPlan. However, you can use the mouse scroll buttons or the 3D viewpoint tools (displayed on the toolbar) to move around the 3D Network Window and to zoom out to the extents of the network regardless of the extents of the network in the GeoPlan view.

What you see when you create the 3D Network Window will be very similar to what is shown on the GeoPlan as the starting viewpoint is always vertically above the centre point.

Loading a Ground Model on the GeoPlan

Hill Shading

GeoPlan Window

3D Terrain View Properties Dialog