Copying Network Objects

You can copy and paste network objects when you create a selection and then use the Copy object(s) and Paste append object(s) menu items on the Edit menu.

If there are two objects with the same name when using paste, the software adjusts the name of the pasted object (by adding one or more !s) to make it unique. Connectivity information is also retained for objects pasted at the same time. If an object has to be renamed, all objects that refer to that object are also changed.

Refining the selection

There is a tool available for refining the selection before copy and paste. This provides options to make the selection more consistent so that complete sections of networks can be copied and pasted more easily.

  1. Choose Refine selection from the Selection menu. This displays the Refine Selection dialog.
  2. Refine the selection using the options on the dialog. These should be self explanatory.
  3. Click OK to complete the refinement.

The objects can now be copied as described above.

Copying between networks

Use this method to copy between networks. It is possible to paste into a network even if the network copied from has been closed, or the objects in it subsequently deleted.


It is not possible to paste between two instances of the software, or if the software is closed and then reopened. The data only exists within the current session. It is not placed on the clipboard.

To copy between different databases or different instances of the application, use a Transportable Database. See Copying Data Between Databases.

Selecting Network Objects

Copying Data Between Databases

Refine Selection Dialog