Comparing Networks

If a network has been edited or simplified, it is possible to test the edited network against the original to see what effect the changes have had.


This stage assumes that you have started InfoWorks ICM and the Master database, containing the ICM Basic Tutorial, is opened in the Explorer window, showing the 'Langley Catchment Study' model group. You should complete the previous stages before starting this stage. If you want to work with the prepared example data, load the appropriate version of the network. For instructions on how to load the database, see Opening the Example Database.

The following example compare the Pruned networks and their results. To compare a network with the version from which it was created:

  1. Open the 'Langley Pruned' network in the GeoPlan. ClosedEither right-click the network in the Explorer window and select Open from the pop-up menu, or drag the network icon into the InfoWorks ICM main window.
  2. In the Explorer window, right-click the 'Langley Pruned' icon and choose Compare... from the pop-up menu. The Comparison dialog is displayed.
  3. ClosedShow me

  4. Check the Differences from another network box to compare two different version controlled items. The Show pane is now enabled.
  5. Drag the ‘Langley Network (TUT)’ network into the Show box. ClosedThis selects the network from which the current network was created. Alternatively, you could drag any other network into the Show box.

    ClosedShow me

  6. Click the Select changed objects check box.ClosedThis results in any objects that have been changed in any way being highlighted on the GeoPlan. Changed objects will be identified no matter how trivial the change; if you want to exclude those objects for which the only difference between versions is that the data flags have been altered, select the Exclude Flags option.
  7. Click the Show differences button.

    The comparison report is displayed in a text window that lists all the changes that have been made for each type of object. ClosedThe table includes a number of changes to default values; for example, where nodes were deleted in a merged run, the Floodable Area has been recalculated for the nodes to which the subcatchments now drain.

    ClosedShow me

  8. Scroll through the report to view all the reported differences.
  9. Close the report. ClosedClick the button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

    The changed objects are highlighted on the network.ClosedIf a network is open for editing, you can choose the Select changed option from the Selection menu to highlight the changes made so far in the current network; the effect is the same as comparing a read-only network with its source but there is no comparison report.

    ClosedShow me

  10. Close the network. ClosedClick the button in the top right-hand corner of the window.

It is possible to copy the changes from the pruned network to the original network.


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Comparing Networks

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