Additional GIS Layers

Web Map Service (WMS) images, ArcGIS Server Map Service images and other GIS background layers can be displayed behind the network in the GeoPlan Window.

InfoWorks ICM can:

The path and filename of the files containing map layers is stored. If the files are moved from the location specified InfoWorks ICM will be unable to reload them.

Relative Path

If a map layer file is in, or below, either the Local Working Folder or the Remote Files Root directory, InfoWorks ICM stores the file path relative to that directory.

Displaying additional GIS layers

To display a GIS background layer:

  1. Right-click on the GeoPlan Window and select GIS Layer control from the popup menu. This displays the GIS Layer Control dialog.
  2. Click Add and use the subsequent dialog(s) to choose the files to be loaded. Click Open or Add.
  3. Click OK in the Layer Control dialog to display the layer and close the dialog, or click Apply to display the layer while keeping the dialog open. (By default, when displaying WMS layers, only the first twenty sub layers are marked as visible. To edit the visibility settings, click Properties to display the Web Map Service Properties dialog).

CAD multi-patch layers are not currently supported. These layers will be ignored if selected for addition.

Layer properties can be adjusted by selecting the layer in the GIS Layers box and clicking Properties:


The functionality mentioned above is not available for ArcGIS Server Map layers (Properties button disabled). Use your GIS software to view the properties of this type of layer.

Move the layer above or below other layers using the Up and Down buttons.

Adding layers with coordinate systems

A Projected Coordinate System can be assigned to a GeoPlan Window (see Selecting the Coordinate System for details).

Individual layers loaded into the GeoPlan may also have associated coordinate system information.

Displaying layers at different zoom levels

A layer can be set to be displayed between specific zoom/scale levels via the GIS Layer Control dialog:

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