Go To XY Coordinates Dialog

This dialog allows you to centre the GeoPlan View on a specified point, and zoom in or out on that point if required. It also lets you use a selected online map application to find the address of the specified point.

The dialog is displayed when you click on the Find XY button on the GeoPlan Tools Toolbar or select Go to XY coordinate from the GeoPlan menu.

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The fields on the dialog are:




Read only field telling you the current map projection for the GeoPlan.

X Coordinate

Chosen X Coordinate. The default is the centre of the current view.

Y Coordinate

Chosen Y Coordinate. The default is the centre of the current view.

Zoom Level

The selected zoom level. The default is the current zoom level.

Network Extents

The maximum and minimum X and Y extents of the network. For your information.

Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons

Use these buttons to adjust the zoom level. Each click doubles or halves the zoom level.

Address lookup

Use these items to find the address for the chosen location (X,Y coordinates) using a web map application.


Help Text

Hide / Show button

A toggle button which shows or hides the address lookup fields.

Web map application

The name of the online map application can be selected from a drop-down list. This list is populated according to the applications which have been specified in the Online Find Options (Geocoding) dialog.
Lookup button Use this button to look up the address for the chosen X,Y coordinate.
Results Any address found are displayed in this read-only field. Although you cannot edit this list, you can use the Windows® Copy option to copy an address from it.

Find and Zoom Using XY Coordinates

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