Build-up/Washoff Land Use

Washoff inflows for InfoWorks networks can be generated using the SWMM Build-up/Washoff Land Use models defined in the Build-up/Washoff Land Use Data Fields, and can be associated with any number of subcatchments.

The InfoWorks ICM SWMM Build-up/Washoff model is based on the SWMM Build-up and Washoff Land Use described in the document, Storm Water Management Model, Reference Manual, Volume III - Water Quality, EPA/600/R-16/093, Rossman L A & Huber W C.

SWMM5 data can also be imported into InfoWorks ICM.

The SWMM models assigned to each subcatchment are used in water quality simulations, which simulate the build-up of sediment in the network and the movement of sediment and determinants through the drainage system during a rainfall event. Information about how to use the Build-up/Washoff Land Use models in water quality simulations is contained in the Water Quality Simulations topic.


SWMM Build-up/Washoff Land Use will only be used by the simulation engine for water quality simulations if this type of model has been specified in the Water Quality and Sediment Parameters.