Build-up/Washoff Models


The modelling of the build-up of sediment in the network and the movement of sediment and determinants through the drainage system during a rainfall event is simulated using one of the following models:

In InfoWorks networks, you can choose which model is to be used by the simulation engine in the Washoff section of the water quality and sediment parameters. These parameters can be displayed by selecting Model parameters | Water quality and sediment parameters from the Model menu.

For SWMM networks, the SWMM engine automatically uses the SWMM model.

SWMM Build-up/Wash off Model

For each build-up/washoff land use, defined on the Build-up/Washoff tab on the Subcatchments Grid for InfoWorks networks or the Land use tab on the Subcatchments Grid for SWMM networks, the following processes can be specified:

Further information about these processes can be found in the Storm Water Management Model, Reference Manual, Volume III - Water Quality, EPA/600/R-16/093, Rossman L A & Huber W C.

Surface Washoff and Gully Pot Flushing

Water Quality and Sediment Parameters

Build-up/Washoff Land Use Data Fields (InfoWorks)

Land Use Data Fields (SWMM)

Importing SWMM5 Network Data