Water Quality Simulations (InfoWorks)

Water quality simulations in an InfoWorks 1D network are used to simulate the build-up of sediment in the network and the movement of sediment and determinants through the drainage system during a rainfall event.

For information on water quality modelling in the 2D network, see the 2D Water Quality Simulations topic.

The pollutant modelling process relies on a good set of initial conditions and an initialisation simulation should be carried out for a reasonable period prior to the intended water quality event simulation. The final state of the initialisation simulation becomes the initial state for the model. See Initial Conditions for more information.

The simulation that provides the initial state for the model will usually be, but does not have to be, a dry weather flow simulation. In some circumstances, the user may use a simulation that includes a rainfall event.

Stages to carry out a Water Quality simulation

There are four main stages to carrying out water quality simulations.

Water Quality Model

Water Quality Determinants


Surface Pollutant Model

Surface Pollutant Editor

1D Diffusion

2D Water Quality Simulations