Ground Infiltration Events

A Ground Infiltration event describes the way in which time-varying infiltration values for groundwater storage level can be included in the Ground Infiltration Model.

These events can be viewed and edited on the Event Editor.

Infiltration modelling also requires static parameters defined as part of the network.

Full details about ground infiltration modelling are contained in the Ground Infiltration section.


Ground Infiltration events cannot be used in simulations in conjunction with Time Series Database objects.

Sub-Events and Profiles

Ground Infiltration events, like many other types of event, are divided into:

For more details on how InfoWorks ICM deals with sub-events and profiles, see the main Events topic.

The infiltration Sub-event Properties contain the default initial saturation of the soil storage reservoir and the default initial level of the groundwater storage reservoir; these initial values are required for the infiltration model to run. Local initial values, relating to particular subcatchments, may be entered in the Profile Properties. Note that the initial groundwater level defined on profile properties and also time-varying groundwater levels are always relative to model datum, regardless of the setting of groundwater level type.


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Ground Infiltration

Ground Infiltration Model