Event Editor

This is a generic editor that is used (with slight variations) when viewing and editing the following events:

It is a grid based editor and many of the basic operations described in Editing Data in the Network Object Grid Window are valid for the Event Editor. The Event Editor has some special characteristics to support editing events.

Each of the event types uses slight variations of the generic editor. Rainfall events in particular display several additional tabs for editing initial conditions. Follow the links in the list above for more details about each event type.

The Event Editor is opened when you right-click an event and select Open from the popup menu.

Use the Event Editor

The Event Editor grid can be sub-divided to represent more than one sub-event. Additional profiles can also be created to represent event data at different points in the system (different rainfall hyetographs for example).


Rainfall Event Editor

Sub-Event Properties Dialog

Profile Properties Dialog

Paste Timestep Data Dialog

Select Data to Paste Dialog