Rain Gage Data Fields (SWMM)

Rain gage data can be edited on either the Rain Gage Grid Window of the Points Grid or the Rain Gage Property Sheet.

The following describes all the data which can be used to define a rain gage.

Common Data Fields

Fields that are common to the majority of objects can be found in the Common Fields topic.

Rain Gage Data

Database Table Name: sw_raingage

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Rain gage ID

Unique name for this rain gage.











x The X co-ordinate position of the rain gage. X Double   XY            
y The Y co-ordinate position of the rain gage. Y Double   XY            
Snow catch factor Correcting factor to convert rain gage readings for snowfall. scf Double       1        
Rainfall profile


  • The name of a rainfall profile in the rainfall event that this rain gage is associated with. See Using Rainfall Events for further information about linking rainfall profiles to rain gages in SWMM networks.


  • The ID of a TVD connector with point geometry. The TVD connector must be linked to a scalar TSDB that contains the rainfall data. See TVD connectors for further information.
rainfall_profile Text 64   0   0 0 0 0


Rain Gages (SWMM)

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