2D IC Zones

2D Initial Conditions (IC) Zones are used as part of the mesh generation process carried out when undertaking 2D Modelling.

The following types of IC Zone are available:

The initial conditions themselves are defined in an Initial Conditions 2D database object. Different sets of initial conditions may be specified for the same set of 2D IC Zones. The set of initial conditions to be used during a simulation is selected in the Schedule Hydraulic Run View when creating and scheduling a Run.

The conditions specified in the Initial Conditions 2D object for each 2D IC Zone, will supersede initial conditions specified at 2D Zones within the area defined by the 2D IC Zone.

Values defined in the Initial Conditions 2D object will also supersede the values from an initial conditions simulation specified in the Schedule Hydraulic Run View.

2D IC Zones can be imported via the Open Data Import Centre or generated via intersection. Zones can also be digitised directly on the GeoPlan Window.

2D IC Zone parameters are edited in the 2D IC Zone Grid Window of the Polygons Grid or the 2D IC Zone Property Sheet. The geometry of the zones can be edited using the same tools as those used for editing general polygons.

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