Results Analysis

A Results Analysis item contains a list of point, line and polygon objects that can be used to interrogate results within a 2D mesh.

The Results Analysis Objects are used as a tool to query a set of results that has already been generated. For more accurate results, use the Network result points, line and polygon objects, which provide results generated during the simulation.

The objects in the Results Analysis item can be used to display 2D simulation results using the pick graph and pick grid tool buttons on the Results Toolbar. Results for the objects can also be exported to CSV file.

For more information on the different types of analysis object available, see the Results Analysis Objects topic.

Creating Results Analysis Database Items

To create a Results Analysis database item:

  1. Create Results Analysis objects to be saved in the Results Analysis item.
  2. Select Results analysis | Save as from the Network menu
  3. In the lower part of the Save As dialog, click on a Model Group. Type a name for the Results Analysis item in the top box and click on Save. An existing Results Analysis item can be overwritten by selecting the Results Analysis item and clicking Save.

Opening in the GeoPlan Window

A Results Analysis item can be opened in the GeoPlan Window by any of the following methods:

Multiple Results Analysis items can be opened in the GeoPlan Window by holding down the CTRL key while dragging and dropping a Results Analysis item onto the view.

Opening as Grid Window

To open a Grid Window of the Results Analysis Objects:

Database Items

Results Analysis Objects

Results Analysis Grid